Welcome to French Living Magazine!

If you’ve landed on our site, chances are you’re just like us: you love France and all things French. You love the food, the wine, the culture, the lifestyle – and goodness knows you find the language divine! In fact, you love everything about France – that je ne sais quoi that gives it something very, very special.

French Living Magazine is all about fostering the special relationship between France and Australia: about celebrating parts of France and French culture you may not have been aware of, and showing you where to find a little bit of France in Australia. It’s about sharing our experiences and revelling in a mutual passion for all things French.

Published by the boutique Anderbear Publishing, French Living Magazine is new in 2012. Our first hardcopy edition was launched in July 2012 and subscriptions are on sale now.

We hope you’ll enjoy the magazine as much as we enjoy producing it.

Merci et bonne lecture!

Claire Chaffey
Publisher and editor