Three Dentist Treatments for Whiter Teeth

If given the opportunity, we’d all want whiter teeth. As we eat and drink it’s not uncommon for stains to start to form around the edges of our teeth and over time, this discolouration can spread and result in a yellower appearance. Home remedies might be cheap and sometimes effective, but considering the guaranteed results afforded by dentist services, it’s no wonder why so many adults are turning to them for their tooth-whitening needs.

Here are three particularly effective treatments to keep your teeth looking fresh and white

Professional bleaching

For a few hundred dollars you could have your entire set of teeth professionally whitened using some of the most effective ingredients available to the medical industry. Although this is often called bleaching, the actual formula will consist of a variety of chemicals that can work to strip yellow shades from your teeth and reveal a smooth, whiter layer in the space of an hour (or less).

Jet spraying

Many people don’t realise that a lot of the discolouration on their teeth is actually temporary and can be removed with vigorous brushing. If the causes of this discolouration are allowed to settle however, things can become a little more permanent in nature. Jet spraying (or water jetting) is a popular service provided by dentists, and it involves the use of a high-powered jet that can pulse water both over and in between teeth, clearing away plaque and stains in the process.

Advanced brushing

Whether you struggle to brush your teeth properly yourself (as is the case with some disabilities), or if you simply want your teeth cleaned by an expert – advanced brushing services can be a very effective solution for yellowing teeth. Rather than using a traditional brush, a dentist will typically rely on a variety of advanced tools; all of which can help to provide a world-class clean.