Gift Hampers

Getting the Most from Your Gift Hamper

gift basketThousands of people across Australia rely on gift basket websites to cater to all of their present-giving needs, and why shouldn’t they? Gift hampers are thoughtful, fun-filled and very affordable to name just a few advantages. If you’ve just received a basket and you are keen to get to grips with the goodies within, you will undoubtedly want to make sure that each item goes as far as it possibly can!

It’s not all about the present however, so it’s a good idea to spend a little extra time thinking about how much effort your loved one put into your gift. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or some other special event – take a look at the basket itself and know that your sender would have personalised every single aspect of it.

From the colour, shape and style all the way to the items that were included within – there won’t be a single component that wasn’t decided on with you in mind. Maybe you received a handful of tasty treats to be enjoyed while you watch a film, or perhaps you’ve received a stylish bottle of whisky to complement your taste buds as you and your family eat a meal? In any event, if you can put your gift to good use, you can rest assured that your sender will be happy.

So, how about if you are intending to send a gift basket to someone instead? Maybe you’re keen to make sure that they get the most from your present and you’d like to learn a little more about how your gift can be personalised? If this sounds like you – keep reading and we’ll share a few tips to make sure that your recipient appreciates every single item.

Choose a suitable basket

No two baskets are the same and as each will typically have been hand-woven, you will already be one step closer to giving your loved one a gift that they will remember forever. Take a look at the variety of colour schemes and styles offered by online gift hamper makers. Once you have one in your sights, move onto the next stage – arguably the most enjoyable, the packing phase.

Pick from an assortment of goodies

From alcoholic beverages and savoury snacks all the way to toys, games and tasty treats – you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the components of your basket, and your recipient will undoubtedly love every single one of them. You can mix and match your components, or you can choose a particular theme and aim to keep all of the items as similar as possible.

Personalise your gift

Your recipient will already have a pretty characterful present in the form of your gift basket, but you could always go a little further and add your own personalised message, too. This note can say anything that you like – from a congratulatory comment, all the way to birthday wishes and anything in between. As long as you mark it as being from you, you’ll recipient will appreciate the gesture and you can expect a call or letter to say thanks once it arrives!