How to Protect a Car from the Elements

When drivers buy a new car, the last thing that they will typically consider is the effect of the environment on the paintwork protection of their vehicle. From the wind and rain through to the effect of direct sunlight; there are so many natural things that can take their toll on a car’s appearance. So, what can be done to protect them from the elements?

Car covers

One of the best ways to protect a car from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, as well as when it’s exposed to the wind and rain, is by investing in a car cover. Most car care guides will encourage the use of these resources and when they are UV resistant they can be even more beneficial, as some covers are simply suitable for deterring rain and sleet.

Applying waxes

There are some branded waxes that can help to provide a layer of varnish to a car, without affecting the paintwork. The good thing about these types of waxes is that they are fairly cheap to buy and can last for weeks at a time. The bad thing about them is that they are oil-based in most cases and so it’s not uncommon for them to attract and hold dust and debris.

Spraying polish

An alternative to wax would be polish, but it’s worth noting that sprays often last for much less time than oil-based waxes. If a car owner plans on spraying their car at least once a week then they should be fine with a quick squirt of polish and a wipe over with a cloth. Some polishes are UV resistant as well, making them even better at defying the harmful effects of the sun. They can sometimes wash away in rain however, and this is why many owners prefer wax when it comes to caring for their cars.